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What is being in real estate like? I am sure you have heard of successful stories and buck churning careers in real estate. Yet uncertainty or fear is stopping you from exploring further?

Do not go into an analysis paralysis or let fear affect you and stop you in taking a step forward to find out more. Explore and talk to people around you to find out more. You can begin by talking to me or watching this short video clip to get a glimpse of what we have for you.

This is a great fantastic vocation and business venture with REAL people like myself in Top Achiever charts, being publicised in advertisements with AWARDS. It is a possible choice for you!


Minimum qualifications to meet :

  1. Need to be a Singapore Citizen
  2. No record of bankruptcy and criminal offences
  3. Min, of 4 “O” Level passes
  4. Min. age of 21 years and above.

RES Exams to get a licence :

These are course schedules from RIA SCHOOL which is a training arm of ERA. You may click into the link to view the course schedules of exams and classes available.

Once you have successfully passed paper 1 and 2 of RES exams, you would be notified and this is when you call me at 96858095 to register yourself with  ERA and CEA

This career is not for a quick buck chase. Although many join real-estate for varied reasons, there is more to it that is larger than life. I can personally share with you my fulfilment in my journey as a realtor professional where I have changed lives and touched lives to help people move on, instead of being stuck in situations. Join my CAREER FACEBOOK


Property values, property buying and selling, property leasing are dependent on the supply and demand market forces. As a trained middle person, we assist in getting a match. It could be a need for a house, a lease, a need to sell off a property due to certain circumstances. As a trained ethical realtor, we professionally represent our clients with the highest of standards and confidentiality to help meet these needs. Bridging a demand in a pool of supply.

News locally and globally will always change sentiments, market situations will always be dynamic and hence, a realtor must be adaptable and be trained to be independent to see opportunities, work these up and negotiate a match. Change is the only constant. All realtors must go with the flow, bend with the wind with strong fundamentals of knowledge, competence and moral ethics to build a long lasting career.

IT IS REAL… we are real people with names to faces. This career is possible for you too, if you have the passion and mental grit. With all successful self made careers, there are a few factors that need to come together besides yourself and the passion that fuels daily activities and work.


It is a good stable company with reputable branding, not just within Singapore but across Asia Pacific internationally and in USA.

ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd is the no. 1 company with that established influential brand. It is the only realty company so well known, that you cannot ignore when thinking of leasing, buying or selling a property. We have a strong presence and we are a reputable brand locally and globally.

At ERA, we always innovate, revamp and better our services, trainings and platform. Our management team is always looking for opportunities to improve and do better for all our realtors. In 2015, ERA has come up with a master plan to help helm all our agents towards a better direction. In 2016, we launch our ERA Connect to synergies our efforts better in project sales. Every year, we work towards a themed growth based on market situations. We constantly adapt and grow.

At ERA, we are never running out of things to do. You will never feel lost because there are many free training sessions, talks and activities for you to work your business up. Power Monday, Impact Thursday, Project trainings, Door knocking sessions and Telemarketing sessions and innovative Apps in your palm…. it is truly an unfair advantage once you are part of ERA.


This is my mentor, Mr Zac Huang of Preeminent Group. He has his inspiring story to tell you too. Preeminent Group is a dynamic, youthful and high energy group! Ive been inspired and motivated so much from the people, mentors and activities of this group.In fact, the whole group of leaders, led by Mr Kevin Lim, founder of Preeminent Group is such an amazing group, you will instantly fall in love with the energy and vibes they exude.

Besides ERA being a household brand, we are also the largest group in ERA. Preeminent Group, has been growing and realtors in our Group have been happily making their bucks and increasing in their knowledge and expertise every other day. This is why we are the No. 1 team in 2013 , 2014 and 2015! We are working to maintain consistency.

However, we also play hard after we work hard. We have many bonding and social events for our Division mates to invite their friends and family to have a balanced lifestyle. Work we must, but we also need friends and family. At Preeminent Group, we are well balanced up. ACERS not only at work but ACERS in life too.

We are also well supported. We have GrabPro app designed to help realtors. It is a very useful tool for new rookies in the career and also a useful tool for experienced realtors to work their deals faster in matching up needs of clients.

We have our achievements and awards as a very promising Group and we never stop improving ourselves. We are more than 1000 in number as a Group about 23 Division Directors heading their teams. ACERS is one of them. With such a positive environment, it is hard not to move along. If success and personal development is what you are looking for, we are your choice division.

As I grow from strength to strength, I learn to give back to bless others. Stepping up to train others, I’ve grown myself in many ways too. Ive never stopped learning. So should you.


We are the ACERS Division Team with the mission to help each division or team member be trained to be:

Accurate in information
Competent in knowledge
Ethical in practice
Ready to serve with passion
Sincere and swift in follow up

With everyone equipped with a well-honed skill set, empowered with relevant tool set and adopt the right mind set to ACE & Reach Success independently & blessing this forward to another new team mate.

Our sales goal, our focus, priority & objectives, we commit our time and effort to achieve! Accountability to ourselves & others in a Caring culture to Energize each one to Reach Success

We have a Facebook Group  – check us out!

You may click in to visit or read up on things shared on our Group Facebook. Alternatively, to know more of my personal daily activities, Friend me on my FACEBOOK and follow my daily work schedule and routines to better understand how a realtor works. I invite you to know me better.



Lastly and humbly, I am recruiting and growing my team of agents. Ive worked hard over the years and won much achievements and awards. It is time to share my experience with you all.

My agents are benefitting from the company, division and my mentorship. We build a culture of sharing, bonding and support with good work ethics and morals for a long term career.

Be it a new path for you to start with or be it a career change or a change in environment from another agency, this home team may be where you are looking to explore and consider being a part of.

Many have made their choice to be part of my growing team of happy and successful agents…

Meet some of them here.

These awards and achievements are testimony to my success and I am currently a Division Director of ACERS. Come and get to know me. Check out my website and Facebook.

REAL ESTATE CAREER ( Click and browse and like )

Like all clients who are shopping for property and investments, they would like to have verifiable facts and look at our home team…. my office is at Mountbatten Square.

Please call or text me @ 9 6 8 5 8 0 9 5 to make an appointment first so I can give you a personalised non-obligatory tour of my ” home”, where I am proud to be part of.

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